Scientific Integrity Institute

An independent organization led by Dr. James Enstrom

Epidemiologic Research and Scientific Integrity.

The single most important thing about science is the pursuit of truth to the greatest extent possible, using the scientific method.

Helping Advance Science

The pursuit of truth is so important, because it is the only way that scientific advances can be made.

Accuracy Over Consensus

Science is not about consensus, but about accurate findings that can be independently verified.


Years Of Research Experience

Unwavering Commitment to Truth

Dr. Enstrom is a retired UCLA research professor committed to objective independent analysis of the issues that impact our lives.

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 The primary focus is research on weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships and the epidemiologic methodology used to measure these relationships. In many cases, these weak relationships have great public health importance because they are assumed to be causal and assumed to apply to large sections of the United States population.

Original research on weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships.

Reanalysis of weak and/or controversial epidemiologic relationships.

Assessment of the scientific integrity of controversial epidemiologic relationships.

About Us

About the Scientific Integrity Institute

Dr. James E. Enstrom is a retired Research Professor (Epidemiology) who held faculty positions at the UCLA School of Public Health and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. Also, he is President of the Scientific Integrity Institute in Los Angeles. He has a BS in physics from Harvey Mudd College, an MS and PhD in physics from Stanford University, and an MPH and postdoctoral certificate in epidemiology from UCLA. He is a Life Member of the American Physical Society, a Founding Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology, a current member of the ACE Ethics Committee, a biographee in Who’s Who in America, and a recipient of the American Freedom Alliance Hero of Conscience Award.

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Dr. Enstrom’s 50+ year research career spans numerous areas of Epidemiology. Click the “Explore More Research” button below for the full research library.